Parliament on Hill in Canada disseminates the practice of kundalini to the world.

Last edition of the event brought together around 3 thousand people in Ottawa

In this interview, the Kundalini Yoga teacher Devinder Kaur will tell to Suni-ai the importance of this event to expand the collective consciousness.

1 – What is Parliament on Hill and what is the purpose of this event?

Parliament on  Hill is a weekly summer yoga class held on the lawns of Canada’s legislative buildings, known as Parliament Hill.  Each wednesday at lunchtime a yoga class is offered for free by local yoga teachers.  The classes start in May and run until end of August.  The event is organised by Lululemon, the clothing company.

The purpose of the event is to bring people together outside in the fresh summer air to share in a common and uplifting experience.  The classes are free so all can attend.

 2 – How can the group vibration can inspire and support humanity to new perspectives and change paradigms?

Brining the community together to practice yoga is an uplifting experience and all are welcome to come and join in.  The event creates a vibration of unity and joy.

 3- How did the audience receive the technique of Kundalini Yoga and how many teachers were there to anchor the practice?

The Kundalini Yoga class was very well received.  Often many of the classes included in the scheduling are hatha yoga flow style classes. Kundalini Yoga provides the participants with many different yoga techniques such as a variety of breathing techniques, postures, sound and meditation that they may not have tried before.

When I found out I was on the teaching schedule I immediately sent out email and social media messages to invite all Kundalini Yoga

Teachers to join me to demonstrate the postures.  It’s helpful with a large group like this to have the extra demonstration support so everyone in the group can see and follow along with the kriya.  This year we had about 40 teachers come out to help.

4The number of yoga practitioners has been growing significantly over the last few years. How to become the technics even more available to reach corporate environments, hospitals and schools?

Yoga is growing and in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, I am seeing yoga being offered in so many different venues. It is truly mainstream now and offices, hospitals and schools are really embracing the benefits of practice.

5 The Parliament on Hill event brings together different yoga practices. How often does the event happen and how do Kundalini Yoga practices fit into the calendar?

The Parliament on Hill Yoga event is organised by Lululemon, the clothing store.  They create the schedule and arrange for the teachers to teach the classes.  As a Teacher, you prepare your class material and music list and arrange for assisting teachers for the class.

 6 –Tell us about your personal experience? How it was it to conduct a practice with so many people together?

Teaching a Kundalini Yoga class on Parliament Hill to over 3,000 participants is a truly inspiring experience for me as the teacher and also equally inspiring for the participants.  When a group comes together to practice you can feel the energy and the community vibration that extends from the group and reach out to those passing by and working in the surrounding buildings.  It’s a most beautiful vision to observe everyone practising together.  We are truly blessed to live in a country where we can practice like this at the seat of government with such openness and joy.

The Suni-ai thanks the help of Robert Borowski (Taurus) who kindly facilitated the contact between the interviewee and the blog. Robert is also a Kundalini Yoga teacher and was  one of the instructors of the event Parliament on Hill along with Devinder Kaur.

Photo: Rob Lloyd

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