By Patwant Kaur  Photo: Camila Muradas What is Seva? For many this word is still unknown. Seva is voluntary service. It is the dedication of part of the personal time to help the next or a group of the community. This type of work for Kundalini Yoga practitioners or not is very positive because it […]

Interview – How to train the mind through Meditation to use it in our own benefit

The human being has its own characteristics regarding the stranger’s face. The fear of that over which we have no control, which can, in theory, subjugate and defeat us is so strongly ingrained in our brains, we prefer to avoid the unknown. The brain has an archaic mechanism of recording previous experiences of pain and trauma. These memories are recorded in the brain, in structures located in each of the cerebral hemispheres. They associate with other structures, such as the limbic system, orchestrating an immediate defense reaction when an event we experience threatens us.

Aquarian Sadhana

By Patwant kaur Photo: Camila Muradas “It is the process of refining the human consciousness, burning old patterns and clean the subconscious.” Yogi Bhajan Aquarian Sadhana as Yogi Bhajan instructed is a commitment that Kundalini Yoga practitioners set with themselves to extend the connection to their soul. It is a spiritual practice that happens in […]

Interview – The use of Mantras and Shabbads in Kundalini Yoga for cleansing and healing

According to the teachings of Kundalini yoga the mantras have a structure, power and effect on the mind through the vibration of sound, according to laws of physics and metaphysics. Through the mind we perceive, we analyze the world and we have emotions, thoughts and feelings. In this way, our mind creates automatic habits and patterns, and many of them cause us to act and react in a limited, uncontrolled, and emotional way.