“Who looks out dreams. Who looks inside wakes up. “

Karl Jung

By Patwant Kaur

Photo: Camila Muradas

From the moment, we are born until our death we are on this planet to learn and walk. The quest for self-knowledge demonstrates intelligence and self-love in times of big mental agitation and low connection with body and spirit. Blessed are those who have awakened to the need of a deeper understanding of themselves and wish to live in a conscious and full way. The wish to walk is not for everyone!

Believe me most people are not ready for this confrontation. This is a task for a few, for above all it requires a lot of courage and humility. Courage to observe things are not working anymore, to abandon outdated mechanisms of self-defense, to understand how the ego can be sophisticated and full of tricks. It is much simpler to stay in a comfort zone and continue to wear old masks.

The scenario of self-knowledge and spirituality comes to support those who seek: there are courses, lectures, products, workshops. Before opting for something, it is important to seek information, to understand how each therapy works. There are people out there selling miracle cure formula. It is necessary to open the eye, to feel in the heart, to use intuition as a filter. What is good for some is not always for others.

This search for healing is costly, and when a person is vulnerable and need help, they usually becomes an easy prey to be exploited. It is healthy and important to seek help yes, but to what extent is it necessary to entrust intimate and personal issues to the other to resolve issues that we can only resolve most of the time? Let’s meditate!

Therapies and therapists should act as supporters.They offer qualified help through knowledge.But the desire to walk and learn is personal. Discipline with techniques, sweat, tears and going through good and bad situations in a practical way is the fastest and most consistent way of learning. Each person has their history, their struggles.

We are beings living a brief passage through the Earth. Faced with so many paths we need to develop a look of love and compassion for ourselves and for our history. It is through it that we will have the strength to access healing. We must not forget who we are,  where we came from and what the purpose of being on the road. We are just getting ready to go home. If it is possible to make this return more peacefully, integrated with ourselves and with everything that is around us, bingo! I think that’s when we kill the riddle of existence.

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