Interview – Ram Singh – How to apply the numerology to have benefits through kundalini yoga classes and in life?

1 – How the knowledge of numerology arrived in your life?

I met numeroly through kundalini Yoga. Yogi Bhajan touch the base of numbers for his students and one of them, Shiv Charan Singh, was very interested in that. He had previous studies in numerology and later he became a student of Yogi Bhajan.  He validated his studies and insights about numerology.

I met Shiv Charan Singh when I was twelve, but only when I became nighteen, I had a chance to study with him. Was one of the biggest blessings of my life.

2 – How kundalini Yoga teachers can use numerology in their lives and  also in classes?

Numbers are everywhere and they were the most abstract language of the reality and creation. Thought numbers a person can associate things that are not apparently exposed and connected. This can make life more intelligible and meaningful.

As yoga teachers, the associations can also be very helpful and support our work in a creative way. It is very important for us to understand about the body and anatomy. Also can be interesting understand the relationship between the organs within a larger mechanism happen that is the human body.

We know that the organs are more than just peaces of tissues; they were expressions of different kinds of energy. By studding the numbers, is it possible associate for example the energy of each organ and how they work.

With the learning of numbers, I started make associations and   became more sensitive.  I could understand more objectively my intentions through them.

3 – How a person who is unaware of Kundalini Yoga can understand about the value and importance of numbers?

I would recommend to get in touch with karam Kriya and maybe make one appointment through skype and a consultation at

Shiv Charan Singh books were also available and I recommend the lecture of the book  Let The Numbers Guide You.

However, I also would suggest something very simple – take a notebook and in the first page write everything that you want. Express your feelings and observe as much details as you get about number one. If you imagine a tree in the middle of the field for example, you can also imagine that this tree is unique; vertical, stable and static.

In a sequence, you can do the same thing with number two. Think in polarities and write down all the things you get. Left and right, up and down, man and women, male and female, black and white. All the contrasts and all the polarities and dualities.

From this simple observation is it possible to build a kind of dictionary of numbers and learn about them and the relationship   in the universe.

4- Many people are faithful followers of astrology and numerology. How would be the responsible way to use these two knowledge?

The key is consciousness. People should not use to practice numerology, which is based on intellectual thinking without consciousness.

When the person is already awake is it possible to use the numbers to do good things. Nothing can replace awareness, and I do not want to talk about any alter knowledge, how to guide my day thought things that I read. The numbers can inform consciousness.

 5 – How the knowledge of numerology can be useful in the Age of Aquarius?

The human psysche needs a new upgrated and approach. Shiv Charan Sing wrote a book that calls. Have you tried thinking of that in this way?  I think it is very interesting title.

In this book he explains life events, relationships, health with the consciousness that involves the sutil and deep mysteries of  numbers

For Shiv Charam Sing the numbers can approach the mysteries of   the universe. And I believe that the study of  Karam Kriya can be helpful  to clear up these mysteries and make us to better understand the Age of Aquarius.

Ram Singh it is a musician, Kundalini Yoga teacher & Karam Kriya teacher at Dharamsal – Centre de Kundalini Yoga à Toulouse

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