Surrender, accept! When the flow is conscious, you will be guided to where you have to go.

All people are subject to experiencing painful experiences, losing loved ones, material loss and even the dream. However, the way each individual deals with suffering can determine different outcomes in life. The humanistic psychiatrist and father of logotherapy Viktor Frankl in his book The Discovery of a Meaning in Suffering explains well this theme. In the interview at the bottom of this article, he shares his personal experience when he was imprisoned in a concentration camp in Auschwitz during the first war.

Sustainable Brazil: a dream for the world’s granary

That Brazil is a country rich in natural and cultural beauties, this everybody already knows. However, what is the future program aimed at sustainability and preservation of these riches? The subject is of extreme relevance and urgency and needs a faster and more active policy. Brazilian perspectives are still timid, taking into account the diversity of the country, spread in its rivers, seas and in the Amazon. The energy potential of Brazil is immense and deserves to be taken seriously by its potentialities.

Art as a subterfuge of the madness of the world and the mind

Music, dance, cinema, theater and all forms of artistic expression connect humans with the capacity to dream and to leave the momentary reality and contemplate the beauty. These moments are very positive, because they inspire and gladden. The dream is what moves beings, makes them capable of accomplishing things, connecting with their infinite reality and sensitivity.


By Patwant Kaur  Photo: Camila Muradas What is Seva? For many this word is still unknown. Seva is voluntary service. It is the dedication of part of the personal time to help the next or a group of the community. This type of work for Kundalini Yoga practitioners or not is very positive because it […]